Welcome to Allegoris! Glad to have you here, I am Deena.

I am a mythology lover and constantly learning new things in the area of symbolism or mythology whether through books or my own visions.

The journey to create Allegoris is a fascinating one. My love for mythology stretches back to childhood.

As a child, I loved storytelling in all its forms and mythology was already taking a special place in my heart.

This interest continued into further studies at University. However, in my final year of university, I went through a major existential crisis. My existential crisis propelled me into mysticism.

When you begin your journey you pass through new age circles then settle as a neophyte into something that interests you.

This was no different for me. While in the new age circles I noticed that some concepts and words already existed and yet people were channeling information as if it was something new.

I went through Starseed communities then energetics to finally end up settling into mysticism. My path consists of diety work, clairvoyance, and my own method of working with chakras.

I find most of my philosophical and energetics inspiration in Saivism and Shaktism, I am constantly updating myself on the tantric and yogic aspect of life.

Aside from spirituality, I love reading, watching sci-fi, drawing, and baking.

If you want to get in touch feel free to join the community on discord.

Who is Allegoris for?

Allegoris was created for those who love to reference spirituality to ancient cultures.

It is crafted for those who believe there is more to our past than simple stories.

For those who wish to seek guidance from our ancestors about our own spirituality and psyche.

Those who are seekers and get confused with all the terminologies that is thrown to them.